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Background of establishment

Uryuyama Gakuen Kyoto University of the Arts has announced the contents of the Kyoto Declaration at the "Arts and Culture Academic Forum 2020 in Kyoto", a project to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations held at the National Assembly and the University on November 18th and 19th, 2020. We have established the Kyoto International Peacebuilding Center to make this happen.


This center provides information and knowledge to Japan and the international community on issues of international peace and culture, security, development and poverty, and environmental conservation, deepens the understanding of the people, develops specialists, and fosters experts in the international community. The purpose is to contribute to peacebuilding. To achieve this goal, we will collaborate with the United Nations, international organizations, international NGOs, Japanese public institutions, universities, research institutes, and private companies.

  1. Education, training, seminars and public relations activities to promote international peacebuilding

  2. Activities for international development, poverty alleviation, human rights protection and environmental conservation

  3. Collection, research, and presentation of information on various cultures and arts that contribute to the promotion of research on peacebuilding activities

  4. Information dissemination and publication and distribution of magazines using the website for the purpose of raising the understanding and awareness of Japanese and world citizens

  5. Contact, advice or assistance activities regarding the operation or activities of organizations that carry out the activities listed in the preceding items

Articles of Incorporation

Kyoto Peacebuilding Center

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