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New Paradigm for the Future of Global Governance

In an online discussion meeting organized by the Kyoto Peacebuilding Center and supported by the Peacebuilding Association of Japan and ACUNS Tokyo Office held on 12 January, President José Ramos-Horta called for reforming the Security Council to meet the traditional and new challenges posed to Humanity, particularly by Artificial Intelligence by expanding the numbers of permanent and non-permanent members to overcome the legacy of the Cold War. Ambassador Shinyo found it necessary to abolish the permanent membership in the long run and create a new forum for cooperation not only between the Great Powers but also between the so-called global or middle-power countries and the Global South. Mr. Chikvaidze suggested a major restructuring to include G20 members and the African Union in the UN Security Council. Please see the details of their views by clicking the link below.

New Paradigm for the Future of Global Governance
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