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UN Special Envoy for Myanmar, Christine Bergner, met on May 26, 2021,

May 26, 2021

At the Kyoto Peacebuilding Center on the Tokyo Gaien Campus of the Kyoto University of the Arts.

UN Secretary-General`s Special Envoy for Myanmar Christine Bergner met with Yasushi AKASHI (Former SRSG for Cambodia, former Yugoslavia) Sukehiro HASEGAWA (Former SRSG for Timor-Leste) Tadamichi YAMAMOTO (Former SRSG for Afghanistan) at the Kyoto International Peacebuilding Center on the Tokyo Gaien Campus on May 26, 2021. Former Japanese Ambassadors to the United Nations, Kenzo OSHIMA, Takahiro SNINYO and Toshiya HOSHINO also participated in the meeting along with Mr. Takahiro NIWA, Chairman of the Council of the Kyoto International Peacebuilding Center. UN Special Envoy also met with Japanese Foreign Minister Motegi and Senior Political Leaders ETO Seishiro, AISAWA Ichiro and NAKAGAWA Msaharu.

Photo : From left to right; Tadamichi YAMAMOTO, Kenzo OSHIMA、Christine BERGNER、Yasushi AKASHI, Sukehiro HASEGAWA, Takahiro NIWA

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